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Please Let Mj Rodriguez Vogue in 'Pose' Season 3

mj rodriguez pose

Mj Rodriguez clearly has the range to do so!

We love FX'sPose. We do. Both seasons of it. And while we may have some criticisms of the show, that doesn't impact our excitement for the impending third season. That said, we have a very urgent request to put forth before Steven Canals, Our Lady J, and Janet Mock go back to the writers' room: Let Blanca vogue.

We have waxed about the talent that is Mj Rodriguez. And we stand by everything we said! She deserves, all the things and more. But we also deserve some things. One of those things happens to be Rodriguez's demonstrated voguing talents, given the Ryan Murphy cinematic-treatment on the small screen.

We should be thorough here and say we know that Blanca once vogued on Pose. In the show's first episode, she announced her new House of Evangelista by challenging the House of Abundance to a battle. But let's be honest: her voguing was not that impressive. And it was the style of Old Way. Now vogue fem has been introduced on the show.

It first became clear to us that Rodriguez could actually vogue at the Latex Ball in 2018. Pose was just kicking off at the time, and the whole cast made a cameo at the event, which is a staple of the international ballroom community. Rodriguez was brought out as a member of the House of Amazon, and she gave the kids a show.

With Dashaun Wesley, a father in the house of Lanvin, as well as ballroom icon Jack Mizrahi on the mic (both of whom are also a part of the show's cast), it's truly a moment we'll never forget.

But then the clips kept coming. At an event for Janelle Monae in New York City in July, Rodriguez gave us a little taste yet again. Just a little nibble, while wearing a Moschino sweatshirt and a heeled boot in the middle of the notoriously small Goldbar. You know, casual.

It seems no one was a bigger fan of the performance than Monae herself.

For an event to launch Pose's second season, Mizrahi again called Rodriguez to the floor. She took it to the back of the runway for the cutest breakdown we've seen in some time, a bit of double-jointed action included. We must stan.

Even Kehlani is now board. This weekend she tweeted, "I'm so upset they don't let her go off on Pose. I HAD NO IDEAAAAA" in a post sharing the video.

If that footage was too wide for you to catch the detail of her hand performance, earlier that same evening she gave Variety a lesson in figure 8s, which is a staple of voguing, on the season premiere red carpet.

There have been so many clips! Most recently, co-star Angelica Ross captured Rodriguez out voguing to a remix of "Vogue."

"FUCK IT UP MJ!!!" Ross yells. And that she does.

Just think, this could all be Blanca! After she rebounds from a particularly tough bout with HIV and embarks on raising the next generation of Evangelistas, maybe she's teaching one of her new children the art of performance. Or maybe we recreate that ballroom moment where Naowrah 007 was getting bested in a battle and her mother, Alaia Balenciaga, stepped in to defend her honor.

We aren't sure how you can work it in -- or what the backstory will be -- but Blanca Evangelista, voguing on season 3 ofPose? We would like to see it.

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