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Watch This Character Come Out as Trans on NBC’s Good Girls

Watch This Character Come Out as Trans on NBC’s Good Girls

Watch This Character Come Out as Trans on NBC’s ‘Good Girls’

“I always wanted a boy.”

NBC's dramady Good Girls features one of our favorite queer coming out scenes ever this week, as 11-year-old Sadie (Isaiah Stannard) told his mom Annie (Mae Whitman) that he's a boy.

In the scene, Annie shared the news with Sadie that her ex-husband (Sadie's dad) is now father to a new baby. "Yay, it's a boy," she laughs.

"So am I," Sadie replies. Annie immediately hugs her son and asks if he's ok, to which he replies, "Are you?"

"I always wanted a boy," she whispers. Cue gay tears!

The scene, handled with such love, nonchalance, and humor, was one of the best depictions of a coming out seen on TV in recent memory.

Stannard identified as male when he was cast, although at the time Good Girls creator Jenna Bans didn't know he was trans. But when Stannard told the crew on the first day of filming that he used male pronouns, Bans saw an opportunity to make Stannard's experience part of his character, who at the time was portrayed as gender nonconforming.

"We realized we had a really great opportunity to tell a story about a character who was gender-nonconforming, but at the same time not necessarily have that be what leads the story," Bans told Variety last year. "We liked the idea that the character of Sadie was exploring [his] gender [expression] in the show, but I think what we responded to more was that the Mae Whitman character just couldn't care less."

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