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Tyler Posey Says “Bring It On” to Jerking Off with Co-Stars on Camera

Tyler Posey

The actor reveals his role on “Now Apocalypse” is his most sexually intense.

Gregg Araki's new Starz show is very sexy. Like really, really sexy. And it also happens to be pretty freaking gay. And Tyler Posey, he of Teen Wolf fame, is game for all of that.

"This is by far the most naked I've ever been on camera and the most risque situations I've ever done on camera, and it was the most comfortable I've ever been doing them," Posey told Collider of the role, where he plays an onscreen love interest (read: fuckbuddy) of the project's lead Ulysses (Avan Jogia). He said the role is his first gay gig, though he's played a bisexual character on Jane the Virgin.

But for Posey, who did everything from jerk off in an alley with Ulysses ("Bring it on!) to shove his tongue down his co-star's throat, it's not just about comfort, but also what his presence on screen can do.

"I think it's cool that somebody could see me on the show and say, 'Hey, that kid is really comfortable with his sexuality, and he's going all for it and that can inspire me to love myself,'" he told AOL. And that representation, as we all know is both valid and effective, allowing young queer people to see themselves as "normal."

As for critics, who may say that the role would have been better served by an actual gay actor, Posey says essentially, acting is the job. "I think everything should be talked about, but I never thought about that because, to me, acting has always been, in the purest sense, about acting," he said. "It never crossed my mind. Does that mean that gay people are only limited to play gay roles and can't play straight roles? It puts lines and barriers around what we're trying to portray on the show of being fluid and open and everyone being accepted."

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