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Cottonelle’s Gay Toilet Paper Ad Is Bottom Outreach

Cottonelle’s Gay Toilet Paper Ad Is Bottom Outreach

Cottonelle’s Gay Toilet Paper Ad Is Bottom Outreach

Well, gay people do famously love butts.

Meeting your significant other's parents can be extremely stressful, especially if you're queer. And if their latest advertisement is any indication, toilet paper brand Cottonelle clearly agrees. The spot features a same-sex couple, a first for the brand, because, well, Cottonelle knows that gay people love butts.

"Down there care from Cottonelle. Down there because today, you meet the parents," says the voiceover, accompanied byshots of a mysterious blue liquid being absorbed by a sheet of toilet paper. "So before they sit you down," as the ad cuts to a juicy peach sitting on a stool -- Call Me By Your Name's impact, "give your booty a confidence boost with cleaning ripples that remove more at once for a superior clean." And then, the ad cuts to an adorable gay couple smiling at the camera. One of them is even wearing a bowtie -- in addition to butts, gay people famously love bowties. (Haven't you seen Drag Race?)

Is Cottonelle flagging that they're proud of queer people for being so fastidious about our anal health? Is this commercial bottom outreach? Do they think our partner's parents are wondering how well we wipe? These questions, just like the ass of someone who uses off-brand 1-ply toilet paper, are burning.

Cottonelle follows in the footsteps of major brands like Campbell's Soup, Colgate, Starbucks, Coca Cola, and Kodak, who have all run queer-centric TV spots. My personal favorite, however, remains the Gain laundry detergent commercial in which two homophobic children attempt to prank a sleeping man by dropping a jockstrap on his face, and are then shook when he lovingly nuzzles it. Now that was fighting for gay rights!

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