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Pete Davidson Used to Masturbate to Leonardo DiCaprio

Pete Davidson Used to Masturbate to Leonardo DiCaprio

Pete Davidson and Leo Dicaprio

“I used to have a HUGE crush,” the SNL star says.

In questionably gay news today, Saturday Night Live star and former almost-Mr.-Ariana-Grande Pete Davidson says that when he was younger, he used to masturbate to Leonardo DiCaprio's "acting." OK, Pete.

In an interview with Paper, Davidson was asked about being a sex symbol and somehow pivoted that into saying, "Well, I used to jerk off to Leonardo DiCaprio... Uhh, like his acting." What a confession!

Things get weirder (and gayer) from there. "I used to have a HUGE crush on Leonardo DiCaprio," Davidson admitted. "I had this huge poster of him from The Beach [ed note: definitely one of DiCaprio's gayest films] in my room, and there used to be like, 'Leo love books'... Do you remember?" Nope, I don't remember those, but Davidson sure has a lot of fond memories of them.

"Like, right when Titanic came out [when I was] in like third or fourth grade, he was just like, 'teen milk.' There were love books and I had all of them. He was the coolest." I'm not sure what he means by "teen milk," and honestly, I don't think I want to know.

Now that he's also famous, Davidson said he's met his childhood crush a couple of times. "I've met him twice and I've just shaken hands and run away fast..." Davidson explained. Again, this is exceedingly homosexual behavior. That's literally what my girlfriend did to me the first time we met.

Look, we've all touched ourselves thinking about an actor's huge talent, we're not here to judge you, Pete. I'm sure the interview touched on other subjects, but right now, this one is all I can think about.

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