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The ‘God Warrior’ from ‘Trading Spouses’ Is Now a Gay Ally

The ‘God Warrior’ from ‘Trading Spouses’ Is Now a Gay Ally

“The people that write those little memes and do those little things, I love that,” said Marguerite Perrin.

If you've never been exposed to "god warrior" Marguerite Perrin, who became an instant viral celebrity following her 2005 appearance on Trading Spouses, I'm so sorry. What a sad, lonely life you've led. Perrin is best known for her banshee cry of "She's not a Christian!" and her insistence that anyone who hasn't accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior is "dark-sided."

But in the years since she became an early meme, Perrin has seen the light -- not any kind of religious epiphany, but in her love for the LGBTQ+ community.

In an interview with Esquire, Perrin explained that after her eldest daughter, Ashley, died in a car accident in 2007, it was her gay fans who helped get her through it.

"I have to tell you, I was in my bedroom. I was not getting out of bed for the longest time," she recalled. But Perrin's queer fans weren't afraid to talk to her "about me losing Ashley and saying I'm sorry to hear about that." She said, "I was pretending like I was happy and I was OK. They would not leave me alone." Gays are notoriously nosy and persistent, and sometimes it pays off!

"You couldn't help but talk to them and be OK with them," Perrin explained. "The people that write those little memes and do those little things, I love that. That's what got me out of bed after Ashley's death."

This summer, Perrin ran into some of her gay fans outside of a church in New York City. They told her they were "so happy to see [her] in New York" and that they were "very sorry to hear about your daughterm Ashley," and she was so moved she asked for a hug, telling them, "Never stop being true to yourself, and never stop screaming."

Perrin is now working on a reality show that places her in "uncomfortable cultural situations," per Esquire. And she's done screaming at people for not having the same ideology as her. "If I was having my last supper," she said, "it's going to be a variety of people sitting at my last table, OK?"

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