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This Drag Race U.K. Brit Crew Member's Twerking Stole This Week's Show

This Drag Race U.K. Brit Crew Member's Twerking Stole This Week's Show

Shirtless hairy guy twerking and also in a speedo.

We love drag but, after the show's latest episode, we've been replaying this clip over and over.

The first season of RuPaul's Drag Race U.K. has had some moments. Truly! Moments. One of our favorite competitors, Baga Chipz had her "Much bettah," phrase which was turned into a meme (not linking in case you haven't watched the show yet). Then there was the more recent Frock Destroyers girl group song. But we aren't going to lie, the glimpses of the Brit Crew have been fleeting and we've been wanting more.

Leave it to Mama Ru to give the girls what they want.

We don't want to give you too much in case you haven't watched but, suffice it to say episode seven of Drag Race U.K.'s debut season, gave viewers (and the queens) the most screentime with the show's Brit Crew -- and we can tell how much you appreciated considering the uptick in views on our story about the Crew, since the episode aired. In addition to the mini-challenge being framed around them, the Crew lent a helping hand in the maxi-challenge. And that is where one Matt Lister stole the show.

While we don't want to spoil the episode, in the maxi-challenge the remaining competitors had to conceptualize and create adverts for their own water brands. They were given a green screen, a few props, and the Brit Crew as assistants. And while everyone did more or less great (queens and Crew members included,) the newly engaged Mr. Lister did what he could to stand out, twerking included. We truly love to see it.

Twitter certainly appreciated the show.

We aren't saying that we need a whole spinoff show but ... a social media series as an extension of Drag Race U.K., would certainly be a nice addition!

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