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Melissa McCarthy Does Damage Control as Easter Bunny Sean Spicer on SNL

Melissa McCarthy, Sean Spicer, SNL, Saturday Night Live

It was another week of verbal missteps and fumbles for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. After saying that Hitler “didn’t even sink to chemical weapons” when talking about the recent attacks in Syria, and then calling concentration camps “Holocaust centers” when asked to clarify—all during Passover, no less—Spicer was in even deeper water than usual.

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Of course every glaringly awful comment Spicer makes transitions into a punch line for Melissa McCarthy on SNL, where she stopped by this week ahead of her May 13 hosting gig, to get into the spirit of Easter and attempt to assuage anger over earlier Spicy comments. “Holocaust centers” were clearly meant to be labeled as “concentration clubs,” and it’d be nice if “the nitpickers tried to see the big picture, and didn’t focused on every little slur and lie I say.”  And of course Spicy had an improper Holocaust-tangential joke that tied into the recent United Airlines headlines. Watch, below. 

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