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RuPaul Dishes on How He Felt About Phi Phi O’Hara Skipping the All-Stars 2 Reunion

RuPaul Dishes on How He Felt About Phi Phi O’Hara Skipping the All-Stars 2 Reunion

Entertainment Tonight

And about gay spaces being commoditized by straight people. 

It was the talk of the drag community when Phi Phi O'Hara, resident villain of RuPaul's Drag Race season 4, was announced as a cast member on the second season of All-Stars with a rumored redemption arc. But then, to no one's surprise, Phi Phi was unchanged as just as antagonistic as before, garnering the ire of fans all over again.

By the end of the season O'Hara had blamed producers and Ru herself for heavy editing and villainizing her all over again. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ru opened up a bit about how she felt when Phi Phi decided not to attend the All-Stars reunion after relationships became strained while promoting the show and its subsequent airing. "Everybody does their own thing for their own reasons," Ru said, "they're all my beautiful children, they're all complicated and diverse, I love 'em all."

The answers, while a bit out of character for the oft brutally honest Ru, can be seen as a unifying message for a corner of the LGBTQ community. If Mama Ru can love even her most problematic of children, so can anyone.

But don't let her mild responses fool you, she'll still come for blood when necessary. In a recent appearance on podcast Dinner Party Download when talking about etiquette, Mother herself was a bit more frank on the topic of bachelorette parties in gay bars. "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself," he said. "People who live in the mainstream and the status quo think that everyone else is there to serve them." He added: "Just because your limited view is that everyone's there to serve you and that you're the only person in the world - it doesn't work that way." Watch RuPaul's ET interview below, and listen to the Dinner Party Download interview here.

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