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All Stars Round Table: The Good, the Bad, and Adore Delano

All Stars Round Table: The Good, the Bad, and Adore Delano

Adore Delano All Stars 2

Our staff’s Drag Race superfans break down this week’s episode.

All Stars 2 returned Thursday evening with Snatch Game, the iconic Drag Race celebrity impersonation game, just in the second episode of the season. We can tell the queens are really feeling the All Stars pressure. And some cracks are starting to appear on those beautifully contoured faces.

Editors Les Fabian Brathwaite, Brandon Presser, and Glenn Garner spill all the tea on who had the best "snatch" of the night, who killed the runaway, and who should have really gone home.

So we have to start with Adore. How did you take her leaving the competition?

Les Fabian Brathwaite: I'm so torn. Adore was such a delight in season 6--and her banjee gurl realness is still one of my fave Drag Race moments ever. But what can I say? If a bitch has had it, she has had it.

Brandon Presser: I know I'm probably going to be outvoted on this one, but I do not adore Adore. Never have. My patience wanes very quickly when people play the victim, and I'm never really one to root for the queen that's using "Drag Race" as some kind of boot camp. Honestly, I was ready to let Adore's appearance on "All Stars 2" change my mind about of her.

Glenn Garner: I will forever be an Adore groupie. I was so upset to see her leave. It certainly shows how saturated the show has become, as if there's a right way to do drag. It's not like it's the Miss America pageant. And if it was, is Michelle Visage really anyone to judge? It's great that drag has this huge platform now but the mainstream is destroying it.

LFB: I don't fault her for leaving, and let's be clear: Michelle was gunning for her from day one. We all know Adore's aesthetic. Maybe she didn't bring her A-game, but I would have loved to see what she had in store for the rest of the competition.


BP: She's had time to work on her craft and really find her character. Seeing her bounce just confirmed my original feelings. The behind-the-scenes feud with Michelle and Adore has been a thing since they went on tour together--I like to think that it's a function of Michelle being frustrated with Adore's missed potential. Michelle's "I'm apologizing to you; I don't apologize to my own kids" made me love her even more.

How legendary was that Snatch Game? Seriously?

LFB: Alaska deserves all the awards. I was a little nervous for her in the workroom because of those damned tricky editors, but she knocked Mae West out of the goddamn park. Alyssa Edwards as Joan Crawford was awkward and insane and brilliant, so basically Alyssa Edwards to a tee.

GG: Snatch Game was fun, but I feel it's slowly getting more and more underwhelming with each season. Alaska and Katya definitely deserved top two. Mae West is blushing from her grave right now.


BP: Alaska ruled over everyone with that is-she-on-Xanax serenity she brings to most challenges. Alyssa totally did her Alyssa thing and I love her for it--she made absolutely no sense whatsoever but it was kind of accidentally brilliant, like watching two trains collide and magically the rubble transforms into an airplane that flies away. Or something.

LFB: Detox's Nancy Grace, Tatianna's Ariana Grande, and Roxxxy's Alaska really brought the curve down. You could just see all three gurls slowly regretting their life choices as Alaska took a schtick all over them.

GG: As for Roxxxy--isn't it a cardinal sin to go for a fellow drag racer in Snatch Game? "Thou shall not impersonate thy drag sister if thou cannot pull it off." Pretty sure it's in Psalms or something.


BP: Honestly, I didn't think Tatianna was that bad, but then again witty one-liners just isn't a part of her persona whatsoever so I wasn't expecting anything beyond what she delivered. She looked the part and she licked the doughnut--that put her ahead of Roxxxy and Detox.

GG: I don't know who's a worse Nancy Grace: Acid Betty or Detox.

Who was living for that runway?

BP: Watching Alaska and Katya lip sync for their legacy was e-ve-ry-thing for me. I love them both, and it's a testament to the fun they were having that Katya posted a photo of Alaska's skywardly pointed shoe on Instagram while the lip sync was airing. Alaska definitely deserved the win--her performance throughout the entire episode was flawless except for her shoes. You know the part in "The Devil Wears Prada" when Meryl looks down at Anne Hathaway's heels without saying a word? It's those hideous shoes--like standing on two chocolate covered marshmallow whippets.

LFB: Can we all just take a moment for Detox's runway look? First of all, a pant on the runway is always a risk, but a jumpsuit is always a great idea. The entire thing was perfection, very Cher takes Bob Mackie to a sex dungeon in the Amazon rainforest circa 1974. Detox could literally sleepwalk through all these challenges but as long as she brings it on the runway, I. Would. Not. Care.


Did the right queen go home?

BP: Okay, so I did--for a hot minute--think that Roxxxy was going home. All said and done I think she was the weakest in the episode, and if Ru was killing off queens she would have probably left Ms. Andrews at the bus stop too.

GG: Roxxxy should have gone home, especially since she massacred her Alaska impression. Detox's runway look should have saved her from being in the bottom at all. And after Tatianna's surprisingly entertaining spoken word piece last week, it's sad to see her leave so soon.

LFB: I'm not gonna lie, I feel bad for Tatianna. And I did not care for her in season two, but time has softened her about the edges. I was looking forward to what she had to offer, since I already know what Roxxxy has to offer and I'm bored.


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