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HTGAWM: Connor & Oliver Season Finale Shocker

HTGAWM: Connor & Oliver Season Finale Shocker

Jack Falahee

Spoiler alert: the couple wasn’t spared any of the wanton drama last night. 

What began as exploitative sex between a hot man-whore law student and a seemingly plain-Jane IT guy quickly grew into one of the most talked about relationships of the fall TV season. When Connor Walsh (Out cover boy Jack Falahee) first approached Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), he was only looking to help himself and get in good with his professor/boss, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis). He seduced the doe-eyed Oliver into helping him access a company's private emails and then, to everyone's surprise, vehemently stated that he still wanted to have sex with Oliver.

They were cute together and what we got to see their great sex scenes -- but old habits die hard. Connor saw another opportunity to use his *ahem* charm to woo some information out of Pax, the cute assistant of one of his boss' clients -- the phrase, "he did this thing to my ass that made eyes water" may have been thrown around. When Oliver found out about Connor's methods, was understandably hurt, and broke things off.

Queue up becoming an accessory to murder, a nervous breakdown, and fake drug addiction, and we come full-circle to last night's season finale. Connor and Oliver are at a seemingly good, steady place in their relationship, easing their way back into the intimacy, since that's all they really had going for them the first time. Connor is getting a little too frisky and Oliver reminds him that they need to go get tested since they've both been with other people (many other people in Connor's case), and he wants to have peace of mind.

Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly in Shondaland, so after Connor estimates his sexual partners per year, ball-parking 40 but still seeming skeptical, and embarrasses himself in front of the nurse by assuming HIV isn't transmittable if you're on the "top bunk," he panics and rushes out of the doctor's office. After missed calls and some relatable panic, Connor finds out he's negative and goes to tell Oliver, only to find him crying in bed. Oliver tells Connor that he found out he tested positive and was selfishly hoping Connor would have to so they could deal with everything together. Cue an angst-ridden second season where Oliver tells Connor that he shouldn't be with him anymore because he could be with someone who's healthy (or "not dying," depending on how dramatic he wants to get). And Connor, hopefully, has grown enough as a person, mainly thanks to Oliver, to stand by him and help him through his panic and self-doubt.

Both Jack Falahee and Conrad Ricamora, who both interact with fans on Twitter during the show, tweeted about the importance of getting tested last night.

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