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This Is How to Get Grindr on Your Desktop Computer

Grindr app in someone's pocket.

Well kids, it has happened, we have gone back to the early 2000s and late 1990s! Grindr has finally gone to desktop.

Grindr is infamously a mobile-app. While it wasn't novel in the sense that it was GPS-based, the convenience of having it on your phone and being able to log on to browse wherever you are is what made the service an instant hit. As it was on its rise, we've been told that there was an offer to sell to Adam4Adam, a desktop-based service that was a precursor to the app. A4A said no and well ... we see how that turned out for them!

Well, now Grindr is throwing it back, finally introducing a desktop iteration. As the company does, the new functionality was introduced pretty discretely. So discretely in fact, that we aren't sure when it launched but at least it's here, to help with all those hours you're spending at home.

To use the desktop version, users must log on in-app, as well as go to web.grindr.com. When you click your own profile to edit your headline or other attributes, there's now a new button that says "Grindr Web." Clicking it will allow you to take a photo of the QR Code on the web.grindr.com page which automatically logs you in. There doesn't seem to be an iteration of the desktop version for those who don't already have an account on mobile.

It's pretty barebones right now but that's all you really need. Messages are shared across both platforms so you don't need to worry about forgetting where you left off in the conversation when you finally get up to run to the store. One nifty tool is that by default the site runs on "office mode" meaning that you have to mouse over photos to see them — in case there's anyone over your shoulder. You can toggle out of this version. 

Can't say we saw this coming. 

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