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jacob elordi

15 hunky celebs in their shorty shorts that leave us weak in the knees

These guys look hot in their teeny tiny shorts!

No, the rumors aren't true — 'Euphoria' season 3 is still happening

Here’s why fans thought that Euphoria season 3 was canceled.

Radio producer claims Jacob Elordi assaulted him after asking the actor for his bathwater

Fans are sticking up for the actor amidst a police investigation.

Jacob Elordi has the gays wishing they were his bathwater candle

The cultural impact of Saltburn continues to work in mysterious ways.

'Saltburn's Bathtub Scene Is Breaking Gen Z & We Can't Stop Laughing At Their Reaction

TikTokers are going viral reacting to Saltburn and we can't get enough!

6 Things in the 'He Went That Way' Trailer That Have Us Panting For Jacob Elordi & Zachary Quinto

The trailer for the upcoming serial killer road trip movie He Went That Way just dropped, and it’s full of hot men and murder!

Barry Keoghan Shows How Much Fun He Had With That 'Saltburn' Bathtub

The actor shared new behind-the-scenes pictures while filming Saltburn.

Meet 'Saltburn' Hotties Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan & Archie Madekwe

These guys are obsessed with each other in Saltburn.

Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan Tease Kissing Each Other At 'Saltburn' Premiere

Fans are shaking in their boots after this moment at the red carpet premiere of Saltburn.

Jacob Elordi's 1st Crushes Were Brad Pitt & Orlando Bloom–We Feel Seen

We totally understand what you mean, Jacob Elordi!

Jacob Elordi & Zachary Quinto's Serial Killer Movie Will Get a Release Next Year

The film follows the pair on a cross-country road trip with a chimpanzee.

The New Image of 'Saltburn' Hottie Jacob Elordi Is Making Us Thirsty AF

Jacob Elordi has us DYING to see the new queer thriller!

Jacob Elordi Warns His 'Saltburn' Role Is Much Steamier & Scarier Than His 'Euphoria' One

Looks like our new toxic crush has arrived!

Photographic Proof Jacob Elordi Has the Best Taste in Bags

The Priscilla and Euphoria actor is a man of great taste, especially when it comes to fun little bags!

Jacob Elordi Invites Barry Keoghan to Come Home With Him in 1st 'Saltburn' Teaser

The first teaser from the upcoming Emerald Fennell film is full of excess and vice!

See Barry Keoghan & Jacob Elordi in the Twisted, Steamy Thriller 'Saltburn'

The upcoming film comes from Promising Young Woman writer-director Emerald Fennell.

Here Are the 1st-Look Pics of 'Saltburn' Starring Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan

In Saltburn, a young college student becomes obsessed with an aristocratic schoolmate and his rich family.