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Anti-Trans Athlete Martina Navratilova to Host Doc on Trans Athletes

Martina Navratilova

It’s a no from me, dawg.

Who doesn't want to see a documentary about trans athletes from someone who spends most of their time trying to make life much much harder for trans athletes?

Legendary out lesbian tennis player and noted Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist Martina Navratilova will host a new documentary on transgender athletes called Trans Athletes: A Fair Playing Field?, the New York Daily News reports. The documentary will no doubt echo some of the terrible talking points conservatives try to make again and again as to whether transgender women should be allowed to play in women's sports -- where they absolutely belong.

According to Pink News, Navratilova hopes the film "enables everybody to be more knowledgeable about the overall transgender and sport debate and hopefully brings us closer to a solution that makes as many people as possible happy."

However, in February, Navratilova published a very anti-trans op-ed in the UK paper The Sunday Times where she repeatedly (and incorrectly) called transgender women "men," and also said that allowing trans women to compete with other women was "insane" and likened it to "cheating."

"A man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever sporting [organization] is concerned, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a small fortune, and then reverse his decision and go back to making babies if he so desires," she wrote, deliberately misunderstanding the trans experience and echoing TERF rhetoric.

In December, Navratilova feuded with Canadian athlete Rachel McKinnon, the first transgender woman to win a world title in track cycling, on Twitter. Navratilova told her, "You can't just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard." Of course, Navratilova is equating gender with genitalia, two things that are not really linked.

Former competitive swimmer Sharron Davies, who also advocates against trans women competing, will be featured in the documentary. In the past she has said that "to protect women's sport, those with a male sex advantage should not be able to compete in women's sport," according to the Daily News.

If you want to watch a documentary about transgender athletes that -- oh, I don't know -- centers transgender athletes and their experiences, you could try Changing the Game, which played at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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