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There's a Subscription Box for Poppers, In Case You Need It

Four bottles of poppers.

Who is using four bottles per month?!

You can get a ton of things via a subscription box these days. Clothes, food, supplements, so much stuff. The benefit is that you're hopefully getting something you know you're going to need for anyway, and this allows you to sample from different brands (or categories) in ways that you may have not imagined. Generally, these sort of plans come with some sort of expert attached that does the curation for you. Ok, but what about poppers?

Little known to us, Poppr is a subscription box service serving up ... you guessed it, poppers. It seems to have launched in August 2020 -- their Instagram put up its first post that month with a series of "coming soon" messages, before "get your order in now" beginning August 19. Its site is fairly simple.

"Poppr is a subscription box service fulfilling all your cleanr needs," it says. "You choose which Popprbox best fits your wants, Basic, Bulge, or Bottom. You will then receive your Popprbox containing different selections, in the mail at the beginning of every month." Its Twitter account is quite empty, save one retweet from November of a satisfied customer. But, according to an email statement from the company, they are "very much still in operation."

"Inspiration for the company came when moving bedroom furniture around," the owner, who asked to remain anonymous, said. "In true NYC apartment style, the floor boards bowed and dipped to beneath the bed where an array of old bottles had collected and fueled the idea of having them regularly delivered."

The set up is quite simple: the Basic Box promises one bottle every month; the Bulge box promises two; and the Bottom box promises four. WHOMST?! WHOMST IS GOING THROUGH FOUR BOTTLES PER MONTH? In the middle of a pandemic, niece?! I mean, I guess.

Featured on the Instagram are a variety of brands. From old classics like Jungle Juice and Rush to others like Double Scorpio. The last post on the Instagram is from October 2020 as is the last on Facebook.

"The pandemic seems to be a double-edged sword, in that people aren't going out and socializing as much so perhaps don't need popprs," the company wrote over email. "But then on the other hand people are staying in, and having it delivered straight to your door is convenient!" They plan to incorporate "more boutique brands" in the future.

As many gays know, poppers are non-addictive inhalants that can relax muscles and produce a slight euphoric feeling temporarily. For this reason, some use it to aid in bottoming.

"Never get caught without again," Poppr notes on its home page. "Let us do the work so you can get busy."

The About Page also lists a very important note. "These products are not sold for human consumption," they write. "The abuse of these items with ED medication can be fatal." It is true: the usage of poppers mixed with drugs like Viagra can cause cardiac arrest.

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