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Horoscope: What the Stars Say for Lil Nas X

Horoscope: What the Stars Say for Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X

Out's cover star Lil Nas X, a.k.a. Montero Lamar Hill, may be young. But his chart shows that his greatness was divine destiny.


Lil Nas X is the apex Aries, the perfect embodiment of his Sun sign. This fire sign ruled by Mars is the courageous pioneer, the individualistic mind who is always willing to try something new. Independence holds the reins of this saddle, and courage cracks the whip. This cardinal fire sign makes him incredibly attractive to others.

A Capricorn Moon is a sign of underlying authority and determination. Nas may come across as fire and air, but he is probably secretly very organized.

Lil Nas X's Cancer ascendant is what keeps him so incredibly human and perfectly imperfect. People will feel drawn to Nas throughout his life because he comes across as sincere. Nas's Cancer ascendant allows him to be vulnerable and gives others permission to be vulnerable with him.


The North Node in a birth chart is your own personal North Star that your soul must follow and understand in order to be fulfilled and to complete its purpose in this lifetime. It is so fitting that Nas has Leo on his North Node because we already know that he has come here to this moment in space and time to shine. With Aquarius on his South Node, it is evident that Nas is a soul who may not have been seen for his talents in a past incarnation. Here we have an individual who was a very out-of-the-box thinker in a past life. Aquarius is the humanitarian, the rebel, the nonconformist. In his past life, Nas could have been a brilliant scientist, psychologist, astrologer, philosopher, or artist who was not recognized for his work or who was held back in some way. He may even have been persecuted for his beliefs. Nas has embraced the limelight at a young age in this life which shows us that his soul is highly evolved and has been practicing his art for many lifetimes. Although he seems young in age, Nas's soul has come here to this time with a message that he has been developing for a very, very long time.


Nas radiates Aquarian energy! Feisty Uranus, ruled by Aquarius, is the individual, the independent thinker, and the ruler of lightning. Uranus is in its element in Nas's chart. Individuals with this placement may feel suddenly struck with an idea or stroke of brilliance. Nas probably gets inundated with genius ideas that seem to come from the heavens. If he didn't act on these moments, he wouldn't be being true to himself.


Nas's Venus in Taurus is another harmonious astrological placement showing that this Venusian lover adores all that is beautiful and is a true pleasure seeker. His best lovers will adorn him with flowers and luxuries yet will also be there for him to keep him grounded.

Cary Chandler is a queer, bisexual astrologer and witch. Follow Cary on Instagram, @themoonis_out.

Lil Nas X's horoscope and featured cover story are part of Out's 2021 Fashion Issue. The issue is out on newsstands on August 16, 2021. To get your own copy directly, support queer media and subscribe -- or download yours for Amazon, Kindle, Nook, or Apple News.

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