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Meet the Creators that Are Proving that Pride Is a State of Mind

Meet the Creators that Are Proving that Pride Is a State of Mind

Instagram Pride Here Creators

Instagram's newest Pride Here campaign proves you can't put boundaries on being your truest, most authentic self. 

When you think of Pride Month, some of the first images that pop into your mind are probably those of big groups of people in large cities gathering for a parade and being surrounded by community, friends, and decorations that come in every color of the rainbow. Many people within the LGBTQ+ have fond memories of what it was like attending their first public Pride event and how it made them feel like they belonged for the first time. But the thing is, Pride isn't just limited to celebrations in big cities during one month out of the year. The beauty of the queer community is that we find ways to show off our Pride in the things we do every day, no matter how big or small those things are, and no matter where we are in the world.

And that's the message photo-sharing platform Instagram is sending out in their latest campaign, Pride Here. They even teamed up with a diverse group of some of our favorite young, passionate creatives -- who regularly use Instagram to connect with the community and show off what Pride means to them on regular basis -- to help spread that message.

Scroll through to meet the creators helping Instagram showcase that Pride is everywhere we are.

Gia Love

Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: The Bronx, New York City

"I have always been at my best when I am being myself and staying true to who I have always been," she said. "It was the moments when I doubted myself that I wasn't able to grab hold of my fullness. I exist at the intersection of many identities. I stand proud in being a Black Trans woman during Pride Month and beyond."

Follow Gia on Instagram, @love.gia.


Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This Pride I wanted to amplify queer disabled folks," he said. "I wanted to talk about making Pride accessible, LGBTQIA+ disability intersectionality, and allies & queer communities stepping up for queer disabled individuals. I'm so grateful to have had an opportunity to do that with Instagram."

Follow Julian on Instagram, @thedisablehippie.


Pronouns: They/Them

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

"To be HERE as a 2Spirit person means being proud of my identity and how I walk this earth between the masculine & feminine," they said. "It means dancing with Pride, using my movements to take up space. Using my art and designs to show the world we are thriving. Using my voice for our youth and our elders. My peers & Two-Spirit community deserve more from our own Sovereign Nations, to be protected and to have the equal rights as our Cis/Hetero relations."

Follow Sean on Instagram, @seanqsnyder.

Instagram Pride Here

Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Mason, Ohio

"Being nominated for prom court was so affirming," Annie said. "Knowing that my classmates not only 'get me' but also accept me for who I am is very freeing. But Riley and I, a lesbian couple, winning prom king and queen was awesome! The world is changing, and we ARE that change! Because no one can put a boundary on being yourself."

"I show pride by being here and posting about our story," Riley said. "Two girls winning prom king and queen in Southwest Ohio shows that the next generation is powerful because they want to see change. I'm proud of my generation because they don't put a boundary on being themselves."

Follow Annie on Instagram, @anniewise, and Riley, @riley.loudermilk.


Pronouns: Any

Hometown: Laurel, Maryland

"This Pride I want everyone to celebrate their authentic selves and liberate those in need!" they said. "Spread the love this year because you can't put a boundary on being yourself!"

Follow Von on Instagram, @kaprisun_kid.


Pronouns: They/Her

Hometown: Chinle, Arizona

"I love who I am and I love who I am becoming," they said. "That is something I celebrate and something I want to share with all of you. I am so honored to be part of Instagram's new campaign, Pride Here, because I show my Pride, my beauty, my power, and my brilliance by loving myself and inspiring others as well."

Follow Charlie on Instagram, @dineaesthetics.


Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota

"I think about the resilience of my Hmong and queer ancestors," he said. "Fighting for a better world is in our blood; it's what we've always known. However, my hope is that one day we can just be. Until then, honoring my ancestors' legacies looks like living out the hopes and dreams that they never had the chance to. My family crossed borders in order to survive, and that's why I don't put a boundary on being myself."

Follow Phillipe on Instagram, @bokchoybaddie.

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