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25 hot celebs whose finstas we'd love to see

We just want to see something! Respectfully, of course.

Buckle up, gays—Instagram is making it easier to have a finsta!

If you’re an avid user of an alt Instagram account, a.k.a. finstas, this new feature will blow your mind!

Halloween Shorts Series 'Hot Ways To Die' Shows the Sexier Side of Horror

"If I'm dying, I'd rather do it while having fun and looking good," says creator João Dall'Stella.

Gloria Groove Surpasses RuPaul As Instagram's 3rd Most-Followed Queen

The Brazilian singer and drag performer just passed Mama Ru on the popular social media platform. 

This Is How Many Followers 'Drag Race' Season 14 Queens Gained So Far

Being a Drag Race contestant definitely helps build your social media clout!

Meet the South African Hunk Who Won Mr. Gay World 2021

Louw Breytenbach is an activist, an author, and the new man of our dreams!

Shaun T Showed Off His Perfect Bare Assets on Instagram

The celebrity fitness trainer knows exactly what he's doing! 

Meet Yai Ariza, Lil Nas X's Dancer (And Rumored Boyfriend)

Do yourself a favor and follow Yai on Instagram. Right. Now.

LGBTQ+ Creators Share the Queer Revolutions They Want to See Happen

What does the future look like for the LGBTQ+ community? Some of Instagram's most vocal and proud creators share their hopes.

LGBTQ+ Creators Share How They Define Pride

The faces behind the Instagram Pride Here campaign tell us what Pride means to them.

Megan Fox Celebrated Her Bisexuality in Her Latest Instagram Post

The cutest way to wrap up Pride Month! 

Meet the Creators That Are Proving That Pride Is a State of Mind

Instagram's newest Pride Here campaign proves you can't put boundaries on being your truest, most authentic self. 

'365 Days' Star Michele Morrone Is Addressing Rumors He Came Out

The Italian heartthrob is clearing the air about his sexuality after he posted a very close, very wet poolside pic with fellow actor Simone Susinna. 

This Influencer Is Outing Gay Men In Morocco

Many in the local community report of friends disappearing after being outed and even death by suicide as same-sex relations are illegal in the country.

This Artist Re-Imagined Disney Princes as Gays in Lockdown

Buzzing their hair, working out, taking thirst traps? This all tracks.

Rain Dove Just Gave a Master Class In Responding to Transphobia

When confronted with an angry parent, they showed how to spread compassion

Poetry Book Canceled Over Gay Author's Sexy Photos Finds New Publisher

Ben Kline's 'Sagittarius A*' is headed our way in 2020.

Instagram Removed This Male Model's Steamy Pic

Kenny Ethan Jones wants to know why his pic was taken down while cis men regularly make much more racy posts.

Facebook and Instagram Are Censoring ‘Horny’ Emojis

Also you aren’t allowed to link to your OnlyFans or JustForFans pages.