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Sales From This Queer Illustrator's Print Benefit a Trans Woman's FFS


Exquisite, one-half of New York's glam pop duo Sateen, has scheduled her Facial Feminization Surgery, or "FFS," for November, 2017—a procedure the 33-year-old transgender woman will undergo to help decrease daily gender dysphoria. With support from her wife and bandmate, Miss Queen Sateen, the musician has launched a GoFundMe to raise $15k, which queer illustrator Emo Twink is benefitting through sales of exclusive prints

The Canadian artist's work features Exquisite sitting on a purple velvet couch in matching pasties, pumps and feather duster lashes. With a cigarette holder in one hand and a vintage-inspired mirror in the other, Emo Twink has aptly depicted her in luxurious form, available for fans to purchase as 9"x9" signed prints with complimentary stickers. 

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"FFS is not about being pretty or appealing to some kind of conventional beauty standard," Exquisite says in her GoFundMe video. "For some trans women, it's a matter of safety. Just as much, it's about feeling comfortable in my own skin and lessening the gender dysphoria I experience every day as a trans woman. It's about looking in the mirror and seeing the woman that I know I am." 

This surgery, which is both extensive and expensive, will include work on Exquisite's forehead, nose, lips, cheeks, chin and jawline—secondary sex characteristics that naturally make male and female faces read differently. After her FFS this fall, the Sateen member will have a more feminine bone structure and facial features. 

Learn more about Exquisite's FFS, below, and support by purchasing an Emo Twink print or directly donating on GoFundMe

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