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Rose McGowan and Rain Dove Reveal How They Fell in Love

Rose McGowan and Rain Dove Reveal How They Fell in Love

Actress-turned-activist McGowan and nonbinary model Dove were interviewed by PinkNews for a segment called First Times in which they opened up about everything from how they met to the first time they experienced homophobia together — romance isn’t dead, it’s just queer.

McGowan and Dove met right after McGowan’s disastrous appearance at Barnes & Noble last year, during which she asked a trans woman heckling her, “What have you done for women?”

“I was gearing up for some battle and not in a place to meet anybody, but we did and we stayed in touch,” McGowan says of her first meeting with Dove. The duo later reconnected in London.

“It is my first time dating a nonbinary person, and yeah it’s nice not going out with a man,” adds McGowan, who came forward with accusations against Harvey Weinstein in 2017 ringing in the earliest waves of the #MeToo movement.

Dove says that meeting McGowan for the first time was “more profound” than their first kiss. “Cause it was just like your mind is so amazing, but I really enjoy kissing you, so every time was amazing.”

Another first for the couple was a shared experience with homophobia, which happened during a trip to Italy. A group of men followed them from a coffee shop and “surrounded our car and it was really aggressive but silent.”

“And it was this aggressive … I don’t know how to describe it other than really threatening,” McGowan explains. “But it was like watching men just be so threatened with their masculinity and to have this kind of weird silent rage.”

The couple exchanged “I love you” for the first time while driving in McGowan’s car in Los Angeles, which is apparently “an experience,” she says.

“You kind of have to pretend that you’re okay with dying,” Dove explains. “You have to be like, at least I’ll just die in the car with my lover and it will be still very cute because we’ll be together, so there’s that positivity.”

Love wins.

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