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Watch Steve Grand’s Nostalgic Video for “Don’t Let The Light In" 

Watch Steve Grand’s Nostalgic Video for “Don’t Let The Light In"

Singer-songwriter Steve Grand released a new music video for his nostalgic ballad, “Don’t Let the Light In”, off his recently-released second album, Not the End of Me.

The heartbreaking new songs tells the story of Steve’s struggle with alcohol abuse, and how meeting the right person was able to help him overcome the feelings of emptiness that consumed him.

Grand sings,

“Before you came along

I never really saw

How empty I'd become.

If you'll just give me the chance

I'll leave it in the past

And you'll be my only one."

The gay heartthrob, who’s now been sober for over two years, told Digital Journal, “Every song on this record really reflects where I was at a certain point in time. I went through many different things while creating this album. I went through some personal things, such as I started drinking too much, and now, I am 2.5 years sober. I also lost members in my family.”

"The album deals with things that a lot of us go through,” the singer continued, “There is a sense of resilience in this record, and it is about overcoming obstacles, especially when they are internally created.”

Grand is currently amid a summer-long residency at the Art House in Provincetown. You can purchase tickets for his show here.  

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