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Trixie Mattel Faces Criticism After Racist Joke Resurfaces Online

Trixie Mattel Faces Criticism After a Racist Joke Resurfaces Online

Trixie Mattel's particular brand of comedy is irreverent and meant to shock, but many feel that she went too far with a joke about fellow Drag Race alumni Latrice Royale. The joke in question was part of Mattel's act at the Hater's Roast — a tour where queens from various seasons of the show roasted each other onstage — and resurfaced online this week. 

In a clip shared online, Mattel tells the audience, “I couldn’t decide what to wear so I wore this. It’s just like a cotton. Latrice picked it.” While there was a smattering of laughter, groans and even boos can be heard from the crowd. “Oh, is that too far, Denver," asked the All Stars winner. "What did you forget to invite your black friends tonight?”


Despite being skewered on social media, Mattel stood by her offensive joke.


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