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Randy Rainbow Sits Down with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Randy Rainbow, Betsy DeVos

In the latest edition of his satirized interviews, Randy Rainbow dips into Betsy DeVos’ recent appearance on 60 Minutes to ask the Secretary of Education his own set of questions. In his intro, Rainbow reminds viewers that DeVos got the job when she answered the federal government’s Craigslist ad, “the rest, as she flunked in high school, is history,” he says.

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“Wherever she goes, DeVos is frequently met by hundreds of adoring, torch-wielding villagers accusing her of pushing an elitist agenda,” Rainbow says, before a lightning round of questions to which DeVos does not know the answers. For his final question, Rainbow asks DeVos if, “before offering reckless, discriminatory, half-assed solutions, have you actually taken the time to visit any of the really bad schools to determine what their actual problems are?” Spoiler: she has not. Watch Rainbow’s funny edit, below.

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