Twitter Is Dragging Betsy DeVos After Her Painful 60 Minutes Interview


Betsy DeVos, United States Secretary of Education, sat down for a 13-minute segment on 60 Minutes last night with correspondent Lesley Stahl.

The interview was excruciating to watch as DeVos seemed to have little to no understanding of basic principles of U.S. education policy, would not say if the number of false accusations of sexual assault on campuses is as high as the number of true accusations, and could not defend her claim that the U.S. government has seen "zero results" from putting money into education. 

Naturally, Twitter has not let DeVos get off easy, and have dragged the woman for filth over her lack of knowledge. Even Stahl, who, of course, had to remain objective while interviewing her subject, couldn't help but paint DeVos as a fool simply by asking questions like "Have you seen the really bad schools?" to which Devos replied, "I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming."

Take a look: 

Watch the entire cringeworthy interview here.

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