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5 Black Mirror Episode Ideas To Celebrate The Show's Fifth Season

Black Mirror
Photo courtesy of Endemol UK

We think if they follow our ideas this could be a really potent season.

Netflix's chilling techonlogical horror anthology series, Black Mirror, has been renewed for a fifth season. The streaming service announced the news online today:

In celebration of our most disturbing fave TV show and the devastating effect it has had on our relationship with technology, we've decided to take a crack at coming up with some of our own episode concepts, in hopes of securing a place in this season's writers' room. Wish us luck!

Technology that lets you fast forward through parts of your life you don't want to remember.

So bear with us... imagine a world that's developed technology so you can completely black out of a chunk of time and only remember instantaneously arriving at the next moment in time you'd like.

For example, you hate your job as a marketing consultant for some finance company (is that what regular person jobs are like?) and so you choose to fast forward through your work day. You press a button at 9 AM and the next thing you remember, it's 5 PM, and you're done. Of course, there are the obvious downsides--what if something of note happens while you're on autopilot? Seems like a recipe for some crying and screaming and maybe even a stabbing.

Social media has become so prevalent that literally everyone is technically famous.

In the words of Helen and Dash in The Incredibles: "'Everyone's special, Dash. 'Which is another way of saying no one is.'"

Already, there are so many internet famous people out there that it's hard to say what exactly constitutes a celebrity anymore. In this episode, it's reached a point where no functioning member of society has less than 50K followers, meaning everyone thinks they're famous and no one has any shared interest in another person anymore. The regular class are zombie-like drones glued to their phones and those who can't afford phones live in the streets scavenging for scraps. An all-too-likely hellscape.

Coffee companies have been lacing their java with an addictive chemical that will make you die if you try to stop buying their drinks every morning.

This is like... definitely already happening.

So many seasons of Drag Race have happened that they've literally had every drag queen in the world on and now an American Girl doll missing one leg is the current All Stars frontrunner.

Every real queen has come and gone, but Ru and the crew refuse to stop with new seasons even as ratings plummet. An old Kit Kitteredge doll with only one leg is predicted by insider gays as the leader of this season's All Stars pack.

Everyone on earth has progressed to be truly, openly bisexual and attracted to all types of people and now platonic friendships are really hard to form.

As the years go by, everyone's inner walls fall down and there is an attraction between literally everyone on earth. As a result, no one ends up having any friends because everyone has developed a crush on everyone else they know.

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