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Betty Who's 'Between You & Me' is an Adorable Queer Love Story

betty who

...with herself.

Betty Who is once again loving herself in her latest video -- and honestly, same.

In "Between You & Me," Who does double duty, playing both halves of a same-sex couple. In what's honestly the cutest queer love story that we need adapted into a feature-length film in time for the holidays, the singer flirts, takes photos, and opens presents with herself before finding herself under the mistletoe.

But this isn't the first bit of self-satisfaction Who has shown on screen. This summer, she released her video for "Taste." It also featured herself in two roles, as both stripper and customer. (Think of a really homoerotic version of The Parent Trap, lap dance included.)

"We went into this video thinking it would be super fun and cool and crazy," she told OUT. "And as we started to get the first couple of edits back and starting to really work on it, we were all like, 'This is kind of fucked up a little bit in a crazy way.' (LAUGHS) It definitely takes self-love to a whole new level."

Who has long been considered an ally to the queer community, but that changed last month when she responded to a comment that accused her of pandering to queer audiences. In her response, she admitted to having been in same-sex relationships before. It was an empowered response from a true queer icon.

"Not that I should have to justify myself to you or anyone, but I have been in relationships with both men and women," she wrote. "I have been deeply, earth-shatteringly in love with both men and women. Just because I happen to be engaged to a man doesn't mean that I haven't found a home within the gay community."

We give three snaps to that, as well as a standing ovation for her latest video that continues to not pander, but pay tribute to her queer family.

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