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WATCH: Michael Henry Makes Fun of Gays Thirsting Over Beards

Michael Henry, Beards

"I'm not event that masc, I promise I'm still fem!" 

Has the beard trend gone too far, or has it merely reached peak meme status? The contemporary beard is a truly transformative facial feature, with some women even using it as a counterpoint to men who say makeup disguises what they "really look like."

Gay comedian Michael Henry recognizes the power of a beard well, especially how it affects other gay men. In his new skit, a friend, Daniel, who he hasn't seen in a while runs into him with a new layer of scruff and Henry is immediately on edge.

"You've got a beard now!" Henry says, grabbing Daniel's face. "I thought that you were one of us, I thought that you were fem!"

As if by magic, bottoms start materializing around the pair, drawn by the masculine energy the beard exudes.

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"I'm not even that masc, I promise I'm still fem," says Daniel. "What am I going to do? I can't top all these men, I have errands to run!"

Daniel quickly starts rattling off reasons that (other) bottoms shouldn't find him attractive, but to no avail. The bear is too strong. "Say something else, they're lubricating!" says Henry.

"I didn't vote!" says Daniel, immediately turning off every socially responsible bottom in the vicinity. Though he pleads that he just moved and didn't have time, no excuse Daniel supplies can amend the complete deal breaker he just spat out. Watch, below.

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