EXCLUSIVE: Troye Sivan Gets Emotional Over Fans in Teens React Clip

trove Sivan

There's no denying that Troye Sivan's young fandom is a passionate one. He's connected to his LGBTQ following like no other artist.

Viral YouTube series from FBE, Teens React recently featured some of Sivan's work. In the video, adolescent fans discuss his music and the videos from his debut album, Blue Neighborhood. It's an emotional video that expresses the impact this young artist has had on his generation.

Sivan recently sat down with FBE to get his own reaction to the Teens React episode about his music. He watched in awe as his fans candidly discussed their appreciation for his work.

"That's the exact reason I made these videos in the first place," he says. "Growing up, I didn't know any LGBT people at all. So, I only had the internet. I only had videos like this."

Watch the clip below and see the full episode here, Wednesday at 2pm PT.

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