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Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne Tackle Cyber-Bullying with Rimmel


Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne have long solidified themselves as some of our favorite fashion "it" girls. Now, they're using their platforms to take on cyber-bullying. Take notes, Melania!

Global ambassadors for Rimmel, they recently partnered with CyberSmile Foundation, an anti-bullying charity. Together, they've developed the CyberSmile Assistant, an AI tool to give young people the support and resources to deal with beauty cyber-bullying. That's when someone is bullied on social media, based on their appearance.

Rimmel's initiative, #IWILLNOTBEDELETED addresses the societal issues that keep people of all ages from feeling comfortable in expressing themselves. Launched this week in London, the initiative will raise awareness for the issue that affects millions of young women, 46 percent of whom have resorted to self-harm.

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