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The tragic death of trans teen Nex Benedict: everything you need to know

Here’s everything you need to know about the heartbreaking death of high school student Nex Benedict.

What Is Spirit Day? And Why Are People Going Purple on Social Media?

Find out how you can join in support for LGBTQ+ students and youth!

High School Students Walk Out in Support of Bullied Gay Classmate

One of the alleged bullies broke the nose of a female student who stood up to the abuse last week.

A School Victim-Blamed a Bullied Gay Student — Now He's Suing Them

The lawsuit alleges that school officials suggested the bullying was the boy’s fault for being too "open" about his sexuality.

Zackery Torres Opens Up About Being Bullied on 'Dance Moms'

The transgender dancer was told she had to "dance like a boy."

#HatNotHate Is Helping Put an End to LGBTQ+ Bullying — With Knitting!

Partnering with the It Gets Better Project, the organization is hosting a 24-hour live fundraiser for LGBTQ+ youth!

12-Year-Old Nonbinary Student Attacked For Having Pride Flag at Picnic

Thankfully, the student is uninjured, according to their father.

12-Year-Old Dies By Suicide After Being Bullied Over Sexuality

“I would have intervened if I knew,” his father said. 

Ruby Rose Was Hospitalized After Brutal Homophobic Attack As a Teen

"They hit me in the head with metal chairs at a cafe, and they threw things at me. They punched me," she said.

Mark Wahlberg Film About Dad of Bullied Gay Teen to Come Out in 2021

‘Joe Bell’ tells the story of a father who set off on a walk across America after his son was bullied for being gay before dying by suicide.

Bullying Disproportionately Affects Black Youth Like Me — It Must Stop

This year on Spirit Day, let's not forget the experience of being young, Black, and queer in America. 

Guillaume Cizeron Explains the Personal Impact Bullying Had on Him

"By telling my story, I wish to give some hope to the people who are still hiding in that bathroom, like I was not so long ago. "

Bi Teen Was Severely Bullied In School — His Mom Is Now Suing

Traci Matuschek says her son was so severely bullied he attempted suicide, and the school district did little or nothing to stop the abuse.

Report: One in Four LGBTQ+ People Are Bullied at Work

A new survey shows anti-LGBTQ+ workplace harassment is an international issue.

Bullied Teen Sentenced to 14 Years For Killing Classmate

A judge was not persuaded that Abel Cedeño was acting in self-defense.

NFL Quarterback Appears in Commercial for Anti-Gay Extremists

New Orleans Saints player Drew Brees turns his back on past anti-bullying efforts.

Ariana Grande Sent ‘Thank U, Next’ to Pete Davidson Before Its Release

The singer has recently called for her fans to stop threatening her ex on social media.

Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne Tackle Cyber-Bullying with Rimmel

The initiative aims to encourage self-expression by fighting beauty cyberbullying.

Monica Lewinsky Releases Powerful Anti-Bullying PSA

Her In Real Life PSA was released as part of Bullying Prevention Month.