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Brendan Jordan Talks Self Expression with Scruff for National Coming Out Day


Brendan Jordan has come a long way since 2014, when he became a viral sensation by dancing to Lady Gaga in the background of a news clip. In the past four years, Brendan, who’s become a prominent influencer with nearly half a million followers on Instagram and 262,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, has become the face of LGBTQ youth in America through partnerships with American Apparel, the NOH8 Campaign, and the Happy Hippie Foundation, (Miley Cyrus’ nonprofit dedicated to supporting young trans people.)

In honor of today, National Coming Out, he teamed up with SCRUFF’s Co-Founder, Johnny Skandros, to discuss his sexual identity journey, the importance of self-expression, and how his work has inspired thousands of young queers to come out.

“Has anyone said to you that they’ve been able to come out because they’ve seen your news clip or youtube channel?” Skandros asked.  

“Yeah, I think that is a key point in my life that makes me feel like I’ve done something.” The 19-year-old continued, “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter until someone's affected in a positive way, or until you've touched someone’s heart, or changed someone's life, or inspired them to be a more authentic version of themselves.”

Watch the heartwarming video below!

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