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Who is Duncan Wolfe?

Duncan Wolfe

Earlier today, Michelle Obama posted a cellphone number to her Twitter with no explanation, and deleted it a few minutes later. 

Screen Shot 2017 05 05 At 12.26.56 Pm

When you dial the number with the Ladue, Missouri area code, it directs you to the voicemail for someone named Duncan Wolfe. But who is this Duncan Wolfe, and why does the former FLOTUS want us to call him? Is he the savior we've all been waiting for?

The first Google result is for a photographer/filmmaker, who's worked with the White House as a creative digital strategist, and has the same phone number from Obama's post. Now, Twitter is appropriately obsessed with the case of Michelle Obama mysteriously posting Wolfe's phone number.





Including a fake profile quickly created for Wolfe:



You can stalk the real Duncan on Twitter to see what he might be working on with Obama these days. Meanwhile, watch this video he made about the horses of Blackfeet Nation:

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