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Lady Gaga Swallows Octopus in Leaked Coachella Visuals

Lady Gaga

It’s been seven years since a woman headlined Coachella (Björk, 2007), and Lady Gaga of all people knows when a performance matters most.

Ahead of her set tomorrow at the California music festival, fan footage of a run-through of her visual effects was posted to Twitter. Reminiscent of her swirling, artful visuals from the Monster Ball era, after her name flashes in neon across stage screens, Gaga appears in black and white, breeze tousling her hair, and then with an octopus tentacle writhing in her mouth.

Richy Jackson, Gaga’s visual director and choreographer, told Entertainment Weekly that Mother Monster’s Coachella performance would be nothing like her upcoming Joanne world tour. “Well, you know there’s always a ‘wow’ with Gaga at somepoint,” Jackson said, “That’s all I can say! There’s always something.” Watch, below. 

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