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Can You Score Perfectly in Jeopardy's Becky with the Good Hair Category?

Can You Score Perfectly in Jeopardy's Becky with the Good Hair Category?

who is becky

Remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question. 

Sometimes Jeopardy! likes to remind us that it's not just a mom, it's a cool mom, with a category that speaks to what the kids are talking about. Last night's episode included a category that's been haunting Jay-Z for the last year.

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The category didn't actually have anything to do with our lord and savior Beyonce of the Knowles-Carter, but instead made references to famous Rebeccas (and their hair) throughout fictional history. Whaddya say, wanna play a little Jeopardy!?

$200: After Diane left this '80s sitcom, Sam had the hots for the brunette Rebecca, played by Kirstie Alley.

$400: Tom Sawyer forgets Amy Lawrence when he sees this girl "with yellow hair plaited into two long-tails."

$600: Gabourey Sidibe donned a blonde wig to play Becky on this Fox record company drama.

$800: In this Thackeray novel, Becky Sharp in a pink dress "looked as fresh as a rose" & "her hair hung in curls 'round her neck."

$1,000: Glancing in the parlor mirror, Rebecca of this title farm sees the "sheen of her falling hair."

Check out the questions below to see how you did.

$200: What is Cheers?

$400: Who is Becky Thatcher?

$600: What is Empire?

$800: What is Vanity Fair?

$1000: What is Sunnybrook Farm?

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