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Yeast Infections, Condoms & Other Notes From Cardi B's Rolling Stone Interview

Yeast Infections, Condoms & Other Notes From Cardi B's Rolling Stone Interview

Cardi B
Photography: Tayte Hanson

"My pussy was burnin' like a Mexican taco!"

It may seem as if we know everything there is to know about the life of Cardi B, but there's more to the unapologetically public rapper than the money moves that made her 2017's biggest breakout. As her hit song "Bodak Yellow" continues to break records and we all wait impatiently for her debut album, Cardi B graced the cover of Rolling Stone and gave an interview that was as illuminating as it was ridiculous.

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Here are the five takeaways from "The Year of Cardi B" that you need to know.

1. Hotel soap made her pussy burn like a Mexican taco.

While standing naked in the doorway of her hotel bathroom, she had this to say about the hotel's toiletries: "That soap gave me the yeast infection of 2017! My pussy was burnin' like a Mexican taco!"

2. She doesn't use condoms.

After changing into a skintight, spacesuit-inspired Milano di Rouge jumpsuit, the singer noticed that a yellow patch on it reads "Safe sex saves lives," which is part of the designer's anti-HIV initiative. Cardi B didn't get the memo. "Girl," she says to reporter Brittany Spanos, "I don't even use a condom."

3. She had her period on her birthday.

Cardi recently turned 25 but rather than celebrate with some birthday sex, she spent it with friends and family. She would've had sex but her fiance, Offset, is on tour. Plus, it wouldn't have happened even if he were there. "I wasn't going to get dick on my birthday anyway, because I got my period."

4. She started stripping because of her boss at the Amish Market.

While studying at a community college in Manhattan, Cardi B began working at the Amish Market. Somehow, this led to one of her bosses telling her she should become a stripper, so we have the Amish to thank for her rise to stardom.

5. We shouldn't get our hopes up that she'll become the next Kendrick Lamar.

As much as she respects the "conscious rap" of artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, that niche isn't for her. "A bitch like me, it might not work out for me," she explained, "so I'm going to stick to trapping."

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