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Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor & Marlon Brando Live On in Outrageous Urban Myths Trailer


You may remember a certain film garnering some controversy before it even began production. When it was announced that Joseph Fiennes (a white actor) would play Michael Jackson (a black pop star) in a TV movie, the Internet appropriately went into a frenzy.

The trailer for said film, Urban Myths was recently released. Although some of the casting choices may have been questionable, it’s doubtfully the most offensive part of the film. Considering it’s a comedy featuring Adolf Hitler as a character, Fiennes as Jackson seems more tacky than anything.

Urban Myths follows various other iconic figures throughout history, including Cary Grant and Bob Dylan. Stockard Channing and Brian Cox star alongside Fiennes as Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando in a fictional retelling of a road trip the three took from New York to California after 9/11. Since the story alone sounds like one for the ages and Channing absolutely slays as Taylor, maybe it’s worth giving the film a chance.

Check out the trailer for Urban Myths, below:

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