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Alexander Skarsgård Says True Blood Costar Ryan Kwanten is a Good Kisser

Alexander Skarsgård, Ryan Kwanten

True Blood may be long over, disappointing final season and all, but some parts of the show still linger. Yes, of course we’re talking about the sex.

During a recent interview on an Australian talk show promoting The Legend of Tarzan, the king of the jungle and former vampire Alexander Skarsgård was asked which one of his Australian costars was the better kisser – Tarzan’s Margot Robbie as Jane, or True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten.

For those that don’t remember, Jason (Kwanten) had drank some of Eric’s (Skarsgård) blood which not only gives rapid healing properties, but also acts as an aphrodisiac and sex-dream inducing agent. 

“I’ve got to say, Ryan Kwanten is a surprisingly good kisser,” Skarsgård said. “He’s very tender. You wouldn’t’ think it because he’s kind of a tough guy.”

When one of the show’s hosts jokingly said Skarsgård should write it into his contracts that he can only kiss Australians from now on, Skarsgård replied, “or only Ryan Kwanten.” 

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