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Dishonored 2 Will Have Gay and Bisexual Characters

Dishonored 2 Will Have Gay and Bisexual Characters


The RPG goes LGBT.

Rejoice, Dishonored fans. The franchise's co-creative director Harvey Smith said in an interview with Game Informerthat the new sequel will feature a bisexual and a gay character.

"We wanted to have more representation this time," he said. "We've tried to put more people into key roles who are people of colour and to be more reflective of how the world works and to be less homogeneous."

One caveat, though, is that these new characters will not be riding in on a rainbow flag, Nyan Cat style. Harvey basically said that the queerness will be subtle--you'll have to "dig into them."

"It's a quick-paced action game or a slow-paced stealth game where those things are secondary," he said. "When we handle something like that, we'd like to have it in the world, and not draw a big sign around it that says, 'this guy is gay.'"

The new game will come out in November, when fans can choose to navigate the world as Empress Emily Kaldwin, or her royal protector, Corvo Attano.

Watch the trailer below:

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