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Nick Jonas on Hitting Gay Clubs and Gay-Baiting


The "Jealous" singer talks to Pride Source about partying in gay clubs and being kind of a tease.

Never one to shy away from his core gay audience, Nick Jonas sat down with Michigan's Pride Source to address his huge LGBT following.

In the interview, Jonas talks about being a popular choice for drag king impersonations, how he feels when he steps into the gay club, and the speculation on his sexuality

On Nick Jonas drag king impersonations

"Well, it's an honor, you know, first of all. I feel very honored! (Laughs) I think the tips would be, make sure the jeans are fairly tight - not too tight, but tight enough. And I do a lot of face touching, I've noticed, so maybe incorporate that into the act and it'll all work."

On visting gay clubs

"In the same way I feel like there's no difference with my fans, gay or straight, the same thing applies to the club. And you can have a good time anywhere you go if you just choose to have a good time. I think it's a unique environment to be in -- and it's a fun place and they play great music, (laughs) and as long as you're willing to go in and have fun, I think it's all good."

On playing gay characters

"I think it's about the material. If something comes up and has a great script and a great creative team, I would definitely do it. It's all about the script though. That, for me, is the focus."

You got it, gents. Despite all the criticism he receives, it's important to note Jonas is one of the few male pop stars open enough to talk to gay publications about LGBT issues and allyship. Which, gay-baiting or not, is important.

Read Nick's full interview at Pride Source

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