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The Drag Race GIF-cap Xtravaganza: Old Grey Queers Ain't What They Used to Be

bob for president

GIFs | Les Fabian Brathwaite

If this neverending game of hair-pulling and name-calling otherwise known as the 2016 election has given us anything—besides national disgrace—it's an excuse for drag queens to dress up as presidential candidates to record smear campaigns against their fellow Drag Racers. We're closing in on the final three this season, so let's start stuffin' some ballots. 

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Bottoms Up

pit crew

Truth be told, I wasn't sure what was going on with this mini-challenge because the pit crew like tripled in size with some Andrew Christian models and I got sufficiently dickstracted and peenoccupied. 

pit crew

God bless GIFs—ladies, amirite

So, turns out, the queens had to guess which of the hunky man-candies were tops and bottoms based on some fun facts Ru shared with them, such as their favorite Golden Girls character, or spirit animal—in both cases, mine is Dorothy Zbornak—and surprise, surprise!

pit crew top bottom bunks

It's like Grindr on a Friday night up in that bunk, but, hey, at least the one top is Asian, thus rendering every other stereotype thrown out during this challenge null and void. Right?

Smear Prudence

drag race political ads

For the main challenge, the goils had to create political ads at once supporting them for president and dragging their opponent through the mud. Bob and Derrick were able to put their animosity aside and proved the strongest team. For whatever reason, Ru judged everyone as a team, thus furthering Bob's dominance of this competition and finally giving Derrick Barry a reason to swallow some of those sour grapes.

Speaking of which, I really expected Thorgy Thor to make it to the top three, but gurl spiraled out of control this episode. Her rivalry with Bob led her to overthink the challenge and her ad felt forced and fell disappointingly flat. Teammate Chi Chi DeVayne fared slightly better, though judge Carson Kressley read her outfit like the Sermon on the Mount :

wanda sykes

Why It Gotta Be Black & White?

black and white runway

Remember when Detox showed up to the Drag Race season five reunion to claim the crown she didn't win? Of course you do, because we're still talking about it, and this runway paid homage to it. Meanwhile, Naomi paid homage to Raven, Kim Chi served another epic face, Bob was giving some Harley Quinn realness, Derrick missed an opportunity to twirl into that transition, and Chi Chi has never looked prettier. God help Thorgy for wearing a pant on the runway, though—you know how the children are. 

Life-Saving Lip Sync Moment

lip sync chi chi

Chi Chi DeVayne, the little drag queen that could. For her third time in the bottom two, the certified underdog gave it her all to the greatest lip sync song of all time, "And I'm Telling You (I' Not Going)" from Dreamgirls. Ru brought out the original growly Jennifer Holliday version and Chi Chi sacrificed the gown her drag mother gave her to the spirit of Effie White. The beads hit the floor and Thorgy was sent back to Brooklyn. 'Twas a lip sync that will go down in Drag Race herstory.

Parting Thoughts

vivica a. fox drag race

Vivica A. Fox was really living her best life. 

"Shady Politics" Grade: A

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