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Julia Roberts' Mother's Day Wig Is a 17-Year-Old Relic from Notting Hill

Julia Roberts' Mother's Day Wig Is a 17-Year-Old Relic from Notting Hill

Mothers Day
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It's just a wig standing in front of a movie star asking her to wear it again. 

Upon the release of the trailer for Garry Marshall's latest all-star holiday "film" Mother's Day, the internet heaved a collective "C'mon, wig!" at Julia Roberts, who's blunt bob-and-a-bang immediately stole the show.

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Well, all that wigging out didn't escape Julia's notice.

"I've heard a lot about my look in the movie," Roberts told People at the film's L.A. premiere. "There's a lot of interpretation about my look. I wish I could've put that much thought into it. It was kind of, like, quick putting it together."

So, wait, Mother's Day didn't warrant a deep analysis of character and detailed attempts to bring said character to life through the careful selection of a wig that told not only a story but foreshadowed things to come? Quelle surprise!

And that wig was literally just hanging out in Julia Roberts's closet for the past 17 years since she last used it in Notting Hill?

julia roberts c'mon wig

Rom-com aficionados may recall that JRo starred in the 1999 film alongside Hugh Grant as a world famous actress who at the end of the day was just a girl standing in front of a boy asking her to love him. And in one of Notting Hill's movies-within-a-movie, Helix, Julia donned the now infamous wig as an impossibly chic astronaut.

Say what you will, Julia Roberts, but that wig was no happy accident--this has drag queen stunt written all over it. Right under that bang.

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