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The Drag Race GIF-Cap Xtravaganza: 'The Tuck Is High'

The Drag Race GIF-Cap Xtravaganza: 'The Tuck Is High'

ru wave queens

Or, "Gagging on the Telephone"

GIF Her to Shreds | Les Fabian Brathwaite

Mom's running a little behind today, so let's cut the chit-chat and get down to sasstacks.

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The gals had to pay homage to new wave, with special guests and noted legends Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie.

debbie harry drag race

Ms. Harry was there just to have a good time, but self-proclaimed Drag Race superfan Ms. Stein came to read, hunny!

chris stein

The Lucian Piane Shade Parade

ab fab patsy stone trans

Speaking of which, adorable salt-n-pepper composer Lucian Piane has been spending some long nights in the library.

The RuVeal


Perhaps Ru's best look all season--my fingers are crossed this is a sequined peplum jumpsuit.



The audience is really applauding for that pun. The goils had to break into three groups to rock out with their tucks out. Les Chicken Wings were the clear winners and team leader Robbie Turnt-her took home this week's prize.

les chicken wings

Also, living and breathing for Naomi--this Vanity 6 look has me questioning a lot of things.

Dragometry was clearly the worst, and their looks the most basic.


I won't even go in on that "circle" Naysha's trying it with. Leaving Street Meatz as the clear middle child of the bunch--though they probably had the best looks overall.

street neatz

Bob is basically perfect; Michelle got on Acid Betty for her '50s vibe, but it's more rockabilly; and Thorgy's kooky art school teacher turned soccer mom is my new Saturday "at-home" look.

A Visage Is Worth a Thousand Words


You can almost always tell what Michelle Visage is thinking because facial subtlety is not the life she chose. During the Dragometry performance, she was silently screaming for it all to be over.

The Top Runway LQQKS

acid betty

The gals let their neon flags fly this week. Acid Betty was serving you under the sea tease.

kim chi neon

I don't know what's happening here, but it's amazing--I'm getting shades of V for Vendetta meets the Cunt of Monte Cristo.

naysha lopez

Naysha Lopez, color me surprised. This is Amber Rose meets Demi Lovato, which for all intents and purposes shouldn't work, but it does. At least she picked her best outfit to [spoiler alert] go home in.

Read of the Night

michelle shade

While Chris Stein had me in stitches, it was because Michelle Visage sliced my chest open and feasted on what's left of my heart. When Chi Chi tried to explain away the basicness of her punk look, Michelle asked a question that many a young gay has had to answer to his mother at some point or another.

Life-Saving Lip Sync Moment

an american in paris gif

Yes, just a week after being brought back, Naysha found herself in the bottom two. Against probably the strongest performer this season. It was already game over when she took her shoes off before the song--Blondie's "Call Me"--even picked up the phone. But she tried her best. Which...was nowehere near good enough, because Chi Chi went straight up Mortal Kombat on a bitch.

alexis carrington dynasty

Departing Thoughts

bob head

Tens to Bob for picking up a running joke from last year and jogging it all the way to the end zone without missing a beat.

"New Wave Queen" Grade: B+

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