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Sashay Away: Dax ExclamationPoint on Double Elimination, Georgia, and Drag Superpowers

Sashay Away: Dax ExclamationPoint on Double Elimination, Georgia, and Drag Superpowers

Dax ExclamationPoint
Photo Courtesy of Logo

Following this week's double elimination on RuPaul's Drag Race, we caught up with Dax ExclamationPoint.

This week on RuPaul's Drag Race, the queen of queens closed the second episode of the season with a double elimination. It's only the second time in Drag Race history that two queens were eliminated in one episode.

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One of the queens to bite the dust was Dax ExclamationPoint, who faced off against Laila McQueen in a lip sync challenge. We caught up with the "queen of the nerds" to get her reaction and figure out what she's been up to since leaving the show. Find out what her drag superpower would be and who she wants to replace her on the show:

Out: How did you catch RuPaul's attention?

Dax ExclamationPoint: I honestly have no idea [laughs]. Being in drag, you're always playing on the outskirts of Drag Race. Drag is a very small microcosm in and of itself and every queen that travels or performs in places eventually comes into contact with other queens. When you apply multiple times, they catch wind and they're aware of you. Drag Race is really good about just being aware of performers out there.

What was it like seeing yourself on TV?

Super weird. I could never get used to it. It's just a very strange experience, especially when it's a reality show and you know what happened backstage and what happened between shots. When you're watching it, you're really brought back to that place and moment in time.

Were you surprised by the double elimination?

We were all very surprised. Even the PAs and everyone on set were gob smacked. They didn't believe what just happened. Everyone was scrambling around freaking out like, 'Oh my God.' It wasn't scripted or anything. It was off the cuff. It just happened.

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We don't know who RuPaul was on the phone with after the elimination, but is there a specific queen you'd like to see return to the show?

Shangela [laughs]. Me or Shangela. We weren't even part of all that happening. I didn't know that happened until it aired.

If you had a second chance, what would you do differently?

I wouldn't have worn that dress, first of all. I think I would've tried to remain less furious. Just being in the bottom like that, you're just pissed. You're mad at yourself and mad at the situation. You don't want to be there. I reacted the way I reacted and I did what I did.

What have you been up to since you were eliminated?

I keep working on stuff, finding new projects, finding new avenues, and new venues. Since the reveal, everyone has been completely busy. The reveal happened and then a week later we were on tour. I haven't been home for a full week since. It's crazy.

Who do you think should win?

Honestly, I love all the girls. All the girls are really talented this season. They picked a really good mix of people. No one is as evil as you think they're going to be. No one's bad. No one's not good at what they do. Everyone has their own strengths or talents. All of the girls are just amazing.

What is it like doing drag in Georgia?

Every state has different areas of drag. There's drag all over the place. Atlanta is more of the mecca for drag. There's just so much drag there all the time. I go back and forth to Atlanta. Savannah is very small. It's very much a college town and tourist space. There are months where there's nothing happening during the summer time or a lull in tourism. Then by fall, people pop up all over the place. It varies.

You're the "queen of the nerds," so what would be your drag superpower?

To control the weather. I don't know if that's really drag. If I could move things with my mind that would be amazing. Telekinesis would be the best one, so I could hold all of my stuff without using my hands. Carry luggage, put on eyeliner, that kind of thing.

RuPaul's Drag Race airs Mondays 9/8c on Logo. Check out a preview of next week's episode below:

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