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Trailer Trash: The Huntsman Winter’s War

Trailer Trash: The Huntsman Winter’s War


Our staff reacts to the trailer for the Snow White prequel.

Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, and Chris Hemsworth star in the Snow White and the Hunstman prequel, The Hunstman: Winter's War. The movie takes place before Snow White is in the picture and focuses on Ravenna (Theron) and her feud with her sister Freya (Blunt).

Consider us the mirror on the wall, and this film is not the fairest of them all. Here, our staff gives their gut reaction to the first trailer.

Watch the trailer and leave your own comment:

Les Fabian Brathwaite: "I really can't wait for the drag parody... and we're sure this isn't it, right?"

Glenn Garner: "So, what? Idina wasn't available for the live-action Frozen?"

Jesse Steinbach: "'If she could not raise a child, she would raise an army.' Yeah, 'cause THAT'S a logical leap."

Genelle Levy: "Chris Hemsworth gets naked, Emily Blunt is an ice queen.. This is the Frozen equivalent for teenagers."

Matthew Breen: "Frozen + Death Becomes Her = The Huntsman"

Andre Wheeler: "Great fashion, but gurllll the CGI... Did they use a Windows 98 computer?!"

Xavier Piedra: "What happened to Kristen Stewart?"

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