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The Best Moves of 2016

best moves 2016

A Lesson from Beyoncé in Gracefully Avoiding Disaster

beyonce Super Bowl fall gif


Remember when the infallible Beyoncé ate it in front of a billion people at this year’s Super Bowl half-time show? Well, no, because she didn’t. But she came close. While performing her powerful, newly released single “Formation,” and in the process of stealing the show from Coldplay, Queen Bey dropped to a squat, appeared to lose her balance, sprung back (in heels, mind you) and recovered without a twitch of concern on that fierce face. It was the skilled physical recalibration of a woman in total control. But let’s zoom out: The real coup of the moment was injecting a strong dose of politically charged black feminism into the sacred temple of male all-Americanism. That, too, is a type of control.   


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