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1994: Bill T. Jones' Still/Here Turns AIDS Into Art

The HIV+ Black performer confronted terminal illness through dance. 

1993: Broadway's Dignified Kiss of Death

A gay musical dispenses with the closet. 

The Body Cannot Hide: How Dance Has Been a Vital Response to AIDS

Though rarely admitted in public, dance is closely and inevitably linked to sex and sexuality. It’s the art form of the body—it can’t escape it. 

Twiggy Pucci Garcon & the Glory of KIKI

"Our goal is for the world to know that ballroom has something to say, and that the world can really learn from this culture, this community that we created for ourselves."

The Best Moves of 2016

Gestures, choreography, and physical statements that made an impact this year.

Sound Bites From the Vampire Queen, Anne Rice

"I enjoyed True Blood a lot, Twilight somewhat."

Bindle & Keep Design Suits of Armor for Trans Clientele

Daniel Friedman and Rae Tutera’s Brooklyn company is fashionably suiting up trans clients. 

A Tale of Two Prides: Tel Aviv Vs. Jerusalem

"As in every Pride, there were towering drag queens and plenty of inebriated joy. But the air also carried a whiff of paranoia."

Emily Wells, Turning Coming Out Into Art

The musician and her gay dad made their coming-out stories an art form.

The Best Moves of 2015

Dance, choreography & gestures that made an impact in 2015

Sex With Ballerinas on Flesh and Bone

The new Starz miniseries Flesh and Bone draws a parallel between dancers and prostitutes. Is it misogyny? Metaphor? Or a cheeky nod to ballet’s carnal past? 

Ben Daniels On Finding Grace on the Outside, and the Monster Within

In the new Starz show Flesh and Bone, out actor Ben Daniels plays an authoritarian, bipolar, sex obsessed ballet director. 'He’s such a fuck up,' Daniels says. 'I love him.'

Where Are Today’s Political Ballets?

Choreographers may address contemporary issues in their work — but it's time to create ballet that tackles big social issues once again.

Southern Belle of the Ballet

Ballet Memphis arrives in New York this week representing hometown pride and an ecosystem of modest ballet companies across the heartland. 

The Strut of Indifference & Desire

A dance critic considers the runway during the 2(x)ist show

Spencer Liff: The Master of Hands and Heels

Spencer Liff helped Neil Patrick Harris find his groove as Hedwig and turned sign language into dance for Deaf West’s Spring Awakening revival. Now he’s having the Best Time Ever.

From Homeless to the High Notes, and Now a Homerun

Opera singer Breanna Sinclairé becomes the first transgender woman to sing the national anthem at a professional sporting event.  

Sex, Shame, and the (False?) Promise of Truvada

In a new three-part video series, VICE weighs the pros and cons of the little blue pill, but it sometimes feels more like a commercial than a critical investigation, leaving many questions unanswered.

Why Dance Needs Older Dancers

Wendy Whelan’s post-retirement performance in Restless Creature celebrates maturity in an art form dominated by, and obsessed with, youth.