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The Queen of Snakes Has Spoken: Alaska on Flats, Rolaskatox, & Being a Villain



This season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars was about as intense as the current presidential election. Some queens walked off. Some queens got revenge. Some queens blamed it on editing. Really?

But one queen slayed all season long. Alaska Thunderfuck was crowned as the season two winner during this week's finale.

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Amid meltdowns and reformed alliances, she brought it week after week and proved that she was worthy of being inducted into the Drag Race hall of fame.

We caught up with Alaska following her win, and she spilled the T on this season's villains, comebacks, and surprises.

Hieeeee. Do you get sick of people saying that to you all the time?

No, I don't. And I asked the same thing to Tatianna, "Do you ever get sick of people saying 'Thank you'?" But she said no because we're lucky we have nice catchphrases. It's very nice. I love hearing it.

What was it like returning to the workroom with the rest of the queens and being in front of the judges again?

Terrifying. I mean, the process the first time around was terrifying enough. But I think the second time, there was even more pressure because this is our last chance at the rodeo. So I think we all felt that. And I think we all really stepped it up. So it was a really good season.

Was there any one queen who you were surprised by how much they've changed since their original season?

I would definitely say Tatianna because I wasn't even expecting her to be there. I thought there was no way. So I think we all sort of counted her out at the beginning, and she defied our expectations. I think she has really come out a winner from the situation, and I think she did amazing.

Do you think if Adore had stayed, she could have made it to the top three?

I don't know. I mean I'm glad she left so I didn't have to compete against her and find out.

Who would you consider the villain of this season?

I mean besides myself, I would say Phi Phi O'Hara. But I think that's a role she's familiar with. I think she should just run with it. I mean I'd run with it. I'm the Queen of Snakes now. #queenofsnakes

What did your mom think of the whole Drag Race experience?

My mom has literally gone through every range of emotions. She was so excited to get to come there and to be on the show, to be a part of it. Then she was so stressed out by it. She was disappointed and horrified and angry and pissed off. I get my ability to use swear words from my mother. I get my competitive and passionate nature from my mother. So she's gone through literally every emotion with it. But I think she's so excited. And literally, winning last night was more for her than for me, because she finally gets to have that moment of vindication and pride and excitement for her crazy cross-dressing son. So I was really glad that she got to have that.

Watching this season and seeing the public's reaction, would you have done anything differently?

Honestly, I just wish I could go back and smoke a joint and just chill out a little bit more. I was very focused. The truth is, I would go back to the hotel room, and I would not turn on the TV. I would meditate, and I would read the bible, I would read RuPaul's book, and I would read Buddhist literature. That was it. I would draw pictures and think about the next thing I was going to do. I'm glad that I went in really focused because fuck, I won the fucking thing. But I wish I would have just hung back, chilled out, and enjoyed the process a little more. I'm not mad about it.

If the tables were turned and you could judge the judges, what would you read them on?

My gosh, I mean there's nothing to read. They're amazing. Michelle Visage, I mean check the receipts because this woman has been doing real drag many years, more years than I'll say. Carson Kressley is so funny. He could take any phrase and turn it into a campy, goofy one-liner. His commentary on the runway is so good. You can't read RuPaul, so go ahead and try. (LAUGHS) Ross Mathews is so sweet, and also just razor sharp hilarious. And Todrick is absolutely so talented and amazing. So no, I can't read the judges. There's a reason they're behind the table.

What were you doing last night when it was announced that you won?

The real answer is: I'm on the west coast in California, so my friends FaceTimed me during the east coast feed. And I was just getting ready. I was doing my makeup so I could go downtown later. It was really exciting to hear the crowd's reaction. My phone blew up like I put it in a microwave. Everybody was texting and calling me. I think right now I have 185... No, 213 unread messages.

I love your new music video. Was there any T you forgot to spill, anything else you want to say?

(LAUGHS) Actually I wrote that a while ago, and that was what I was going through before All Stars even started. I think I have more songs in me about being the Queen of Snakes and running with that. The T is definitely an offshoot of my real feelings about a very specific point in time. And it's available on iTunes.

It seemed like things with Rolaskatox ended on a positive note. How are things with you and the rest of the queens?

We've been in places where we get to do shows and events together, and it's amazing. Whatever differences we might have had on the show, I think we quickly let that go because we know that we're the ones who have been through the process and we know that we're the ones that can talk to each other about it honestly and openly. Yea, I love all of those girls. They're the best.

What else are you doing with your All Stardom that you're most excited about?

I'm feeling extremely entitled and really demanding all of a sudden. I also want to decree to the world a few things. I would like to say that nails are now optional. Flats are sexy. I also want to say black lives matter. I want to say women should be paid equal wage. And please, for fuck's sake, don't vote for Donald Trump.

Catch the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2 reunion Thursday, October 27 at 8/7c on Logo.

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