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Alex Newell Will Join Adam Lambert on Tour


Alex Newell is joining fellow Glee alum, Adam Lambert on the road. After the release of Newell’s debut EP, Power on February 19th, he’ll join Lambert’s tour as a special guest from February 23rd to April 2nd.

Newell recently dropped the first track from Power, “This Ain’t Over.” The vibrant dance-pop track flawlessly revives disco if only for a few short minutes. Without the gimmicks of manufactured radio pop, Newell manages to serve “This Ain’t Over” with pure talent. The Out100 honoree’s vivacious presence is nothing short of Whitney-esque.

The accompanying video complements the vibrant music with a vibrant pop of color. Singing through the pitch black, his sparkling red lips conjure nostalgia for a Rocky Horror prelude.

Watch the video for “This Ain’t Over” below:

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