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Ad Age Ranks the Top 10 LGBT-Themed Ads of 2015

Gay Dads Campbell Soup

Despite the one million cries of One Million Moms, advertisers have wised up. I guess business people have started to realize that the gays have money. Each year, we’re seeing more and more ads for big brands that focus on LGBT people.

Advertising Age compiled a roundup of the top ten LGBT themed ads of the year. They even mentioned Out and our series of videos sponsored by Lexus.

And it appears we’re in good company. With Tiffany & Co., Nordstrom, and Macy’s utilizing their same-sex appeal, we can expect more companies to reach out to a broader demographic in 2016.

Campbell’s certainly had the right idea. I mean, if adorable gay dads aren’t enough, you can’t go wrong with a Star Wars tie-in.

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