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Gay Marine Invites Steve Grand to Be His Date to the Marine Corps Ball

Tanner White is hoping his message hunky pop singer Steve Grand hears his request: Will you be his date to the 2015 Marine Corps Ball?

“This video is for the all-American boy, Steve Grand. Steve, you are an amazing singer. I’ve seen some of your blog videos and they were awesome. I would like for you to go with me to the 2015 Marine Corps ball in Wilmington, North Carolina as my date. Hopefully you say yes. If not, it was worth a shot.”

The U.S. Marine isn't the first gay servicemember to take to YouTube to hit up a celeb for a date, but we gotta admit, he's certainly a cutie: So, Steve, what do ya say? Got some time to visit North Carolina?

[H/T Towleroad]

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